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Mind-Blowing Space Photos of the Week

Enjoy some of the most inspiring, beautiful and down-right stunning photos from our adventures in space this past week. See the galley


Feeding the sketchblog - here are some SpongeBob style fishes I designed at Nick that never ended up being used.

A fox
— More Triangimals 




Office Assistant - in progress. 

A sketch I finally pulled into Photoshop and played around with. Hands are beautiful :)


My Brachiosaurus reconstructions. The musculature is based heavily off of our extant friend the giraffe. I’ll finish this series off with the skin—I’ll hopefully start and finish it today and have it up here sometime next week. :)


TIP (troll in progress)

Stoked to be at Patagonia Seattle tomorrow for the Torpedo People tour with the rest of the bodysurf crew.We will be showing the Come Hell or High Water bodysurf film and signing Torpedo People books. Come by and get a copy!Patagonia

Photoshop Touch on my phone…too cool. Game changer

Crows in the dusk
by *Violent-InSpira

Am floored to be included in the Aldrich Contemporary Art Museum’s exhibition, “Ballpoint Pen Drawing Since 1950,” now on view until the 25th of August. If you are in the Connecticut area, be sure to check it out.
The exhibition is described as follows:

 “The origins of the ballpoint pen go back to the late nineteenth century, but it was only after World War II that the technology was perfected and the ubiquitous everyday writing tool achieved commercial success. With the rise of anti-art movements such as Fluxus and Arte Povera, a number of notable artists made drawings using the ballpoint. The last decade has witnessed a steady increase in artists drawing with the pen, using approaches from the abject to the sublime. This exhibition is curated by Aldrich exhibitions director Richard Klein.”

Artists exhibited: Rita Ackermann, Bill Adams, Alighiero Boetti, Dawn Clements, Russell Crotty, Jan Fabre, Alberto Giacometti, Joanne Greenbaum, Martin Kippenberger, Il Lee, and Toyin Odutola.
Image: “A.O. (Looking onward.)” 2011. Pen ink and marker on paper. 9 x 12 inches.